paper/mixed media
This work reflects the problem of the buildings of today. The image of iron birds and breaking nests against the backdrop of a new city where the old picture of the city, heritage and old houses and history have been forgotten.

The mock-ups are interwoven with the basic material 'iron wire'. as a symbol of intertwining events, fencing, rebirth and healing.

Culture, education, medicine, politics and society are permeated by a common problem and a common purpose, searching for an answer in the web.

The wire, as a symbol of unity and the building up of a new world that, as a single chain, encapsulates old and new traditions.

The key. A musical space.

Music, the cure for all ills. Reflections on the theme with the music of Vivaldi, Beethoven, Brahms and other classics. Music is an inseparable part of our life, it is always with us and the strings of our soul are always responding to its sound. Music has the power to heal us, to take us away from sorrow, to give us hope and provide us with solutions. The sounds that surround us, they give life and the combination of all the sounds of nature, of the city, of people is the music that is life.

Rolling field.
This image is confined to the globe that has been sprouted by the viruses generated by mankind. It is a plant, reflecting the properties of the fertile earth, despite the pernicious attitudes towards it. Today, in the age of progress, when the world is overgrown with technological possibilities and gadgets, we are left helpless when faced with today's problem. We are going back to our roots, to faith, prayer and purification, using the methods of our ancestors, in the form of incense, fire and other trappings in the hope of purification.